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RO Filter Change

Whether you are looking for a (Reverse Osmosis) RO Filter Change or a replacement for our 4in1 filter system, you will find what you need below.
All of our RO Filter Change cartridges are available in the standard 10" size that is compatible with most machines.


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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
Save €50,00
Reverse Osmosis 5 Stage Filter - Aquaclear.ieReverse Osmosis 5 Stage Filter -
aquaclear-shop Reverse Osmosis 6 Stage Filter
Sale price€199,00 Regular price€249,00
Aquaclear 4 in 1 Filter Kit - Aquaclear.ieAquaclear 4 in 1 Filter Kit -
Reverse Osmosis Filter Replacement - Aquaclear.ieReverse Osmosis Filter Replacement -
Save €90,00
10L Water Softener (under sink) - Aquaclear.ie10L Water Softener (under sink) -
aquaclear-shop 6L Water Softener (under sink)
Sale price€349,00 Regular price€439,00
Save €140,00
Reverse Osmosis Snow Filter - Aquaclear.ieReverse Osmosis Snow Filter -
aquaclear-shop Reverse Osmosis Snow Filter
Sale price€349,00 Regular price€489,00
Remineralising Alkaline Cartridge -
Save €20,00
3 in1 Filter Tap - Aquaclear.ie3 in1 Filter Tap -
aquaclear-shop 3 in1 Filter Tap
Sale price€109,00 Regular price€129,00
Dropson Anti Limescale System 2500 - Aquaclear.ieElectronic Limescale Remover
Dropson Portable Water Filter Can - Aquaclear.ieDropson Portable Water Filter Can -

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