Dropson Anti Limescale System 2500

Sale price€599,00


The Dropson anti scale system uses an innovative technology that makes it a real alternative to traditional salt water softeners. The system has an advanced electronic antiscale technique that protects your home.

From the moment it is installed, Dropson will protect against limescale and installation fouling, your hot water circuits, your appliances and pipes. The Dropson antiscaling systems are environmentally friendly, do not require maintenance nor salt and do not generate any kind of reject water. The energy consumption is very low, equivalent to that of an energy-efficient lightbulb.

Dropson systems protect household appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, from limescale deposits in their heat exchangers.

The water treated by Dropson also prevents the crystallization of calcium carbonate in the tissue fibers. Clothes will be softer with less detergents.

This model (2500) is suitable for up to 4/5 bedroom houses.

We have a full installation service available for €869. Contact us for details on 01 8645119 or email us here - INSTALLATION


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