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Dropson Anti-Limescale System

Our Dropson anti scale system is a next generation limescale remover that requires no salt, no mainteneance and takes up little space.

From the moment it is installed, Dropson will protect against limescale clogging up your shower, damaging your hot water circuits, your appliances and pipes.

The Dropson antiscaling systems are environmentally friendly and do not generate any kind of reject
water. The energy consumption is very low, equivalent to that of an
energy-efficient lightbulb.

We supply & fit Dropson anti scale systems for domestic and commercial settings.

No More Limescale!

Discover Dropson Anti-Limescale Technology


Avoids limescale accumulation and reduces existing calcium carbonate deposits in your system.

No Maintenance!

Does not require maintenance or the addition of salt or other consumables.


Saves energy, improves performance of boilers and other installations.


Does not produce any kind of waste water - No drain needed.

Easy Installation

Easy to install and takes up very little space, does not require drain connection.

Food Grade

It does not modify the natural water composition. Suitable for drinking.

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