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What Filter Removes Flouride From My Water?

We have a number of machines that remove flouride from your water to varying levels. Our Reverse Osmosis Systems take out 99.9% of flouride. This occours due to the fine membrane that the water passes through. Most RO machines are pumped, though we have non pumped machines you can use if your water pressure is high enough. This means a minimum of around 1bar pressure.
What Water Filter Removes Chlorine?

Carbon Block filters remove around 98% of chlorine from water. A carbon block is a simple filter that is in all of our drinking water filters. This is an essential filter to have when drinking Irish tap water, here is a ling to the Irish Water page where they explain why they add chlorine to our water!

A great budget option to remove chlorine is our Ultra 4 in 1 Filter!

What Water Filter Removes Lead?

Activated Carbon Filters remove most of the lead from your water, up to around 90%. This is a cost effective way of dealing with lead. However, if you are looking to remove 99%+ you need to use a Reverse Osmosis System that forces the water through a membrane.